At the Laurie Bass Sklaver Infusion Center at NWH

The Laurie Bass Sklaver Infusion Center is conveniently located in the Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center, ensuring continuity of your cancer treatment and care.

Practical Information
The Infusion Center is open 5 days a week:
Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
Please see our Required Patient Information form to understand what you need to know when you come to the Laurie Bass Sklaver Infusion Center
For more information, call 914.666.1160.

Comforting Care Close to Home
Research shows that patients respond better to chemotherapy and are less anxious when they are treated in a pleasing environment that is part of their own community. Infusion treatments are delivered by chemotherapy-certified registered nurses who will educate and support you and your care partner. They are present with you throughout the entire procedure.
The infusion suite is equipped with a television and supplied with lunch and snacks. You are welcome to have friends and family stay with you in the suite during your treatment.

h3.Clinical Trials

Certain forms of chemotherapy have been shown to improve patient survival in cases of hormone resistant cancer. Standing out amongst cancer hospitals in New York, NWH is holds a number of clinical trials for the treatment of hormone resistant cancers, among other conditions.
Visit our Clinical Trials Program at for more information